Staff Travel page and e-bike promotion

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

As part of our Workplace Access Check, an opportunity that we discovered was for the City to update our Intranet page to encourage the use of active travel and increase knowledge of what is available to staff. Our staff travel tab now reflects: 1. best routes to get to work which includes 'Map Your Move' pocket guides and access to JourneyPlanner. 2. How to hire the City's e-bike. 3. Where can I put my bike?(including a map and where bike parking is available). 4. Where the changerooms and showers are located. 5. Need advice or a ride to work buddy? As well as who to contact. 5. Bike Month information. We are looking forward to including our new Workplace Access Guide in this tab once it is ready.

Another opportunity was to promote the use of our e-bike and promote salary sacrificing an e-bike. Traffic met with HR and WH&S to discuss e-bike use and promotion. Our e-bike will be promoted in inductions and information regarding our e-bike including how to use and hire the e-bike is due to go out in our May edition of the My City newsletter which is available to all City staff. In addition, information regarding how to salary sacrifice an e-bike has been added to our employee benefits page on the Intranet and will be discussed at upcoming inductions.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Sophie - great to know too, that the Access Check helped to identify this opportunity. You have earned 30 points for you infranet update and 10 points for sharing all the helpful AT info you have included on the new page. I look forward to reading about the e-bikes in the upcoming newsletter 😊.

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