Staying safe on shared pathways

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

The City's Active Transport plan (22/23-25/26) promotes active travel as a sustainable alternative to vehicle usage. The Plan’s overall goal is to create a safe, connected and reliable active transport environment that is attractive to all potential users, with a renewed focus on all modes of Active Transport.

Having the support of our community to promote the safe use of active transport is key. As part of the City's March edition of the 'What's Happening' magazine, 'staying safe on shared pathways' featured. This magazine is available to the City of Wanneroo community and City staff.

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James (Your Move)

It is really nice to see a promo shot that is in the rain 🌦️ - a good example of one way to help normalise cycling not just as a fair weather activity. I also like the reminder to limit e-speeds to 10km/hour in neighbourhood areas. Your AT promo in March's 'What's Happening' has earned you 25 points for the first quarter, plus you have eared another 10 points for including the copy here.

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