Transperth Smart Riders

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

I have recently attended training sessions such as 'Deliver a balanced transport system to walk, wheel and ride' in Perth City as well as attended meetings in central locations.

I chose to walk, catch the bus and train instead of using an available City vehicle to attend all of these meetings and workshops. Using Transperth Journey Planner was easy and helped individualize my journey. The bus was on time on the way to Perth City and the way back. I only had to wait around 5minutes for the train.

When returning from meetings, I have been talking with staff in our Assets department about how easy it is to catch public transport and how nice it was to take a walk in the community. Since then, two staff members have used the bus and train regularly for meetings.

I used my own smart rider and the fares were reimbursed via petty cash. After discussion with the traffic team, I suggested the City have their own smart riders available for hire for staff work related travel. The team has ordered 5 smart riders from the 'Your Move' rewards shop, thanks 'Your Move'. We will be using these smart riders as a pilot and then will put a case forward for the availability of smart riders at the City of Wanneroo for work related travel. We are not sure what this looks like in terms of hiring the cards, topping the cards up etc but this is all questions that our pilot will look into.

I have been working with the Sustainability team to calcuate the amount of Co2 emissions that would be reduced by using the bus/ train instead of using one of our standard Toyota Yaris cars. Our Sustainability team found that a one way trip to Perth City produces : Toyota Yaris ~ 3,555 grams of carbon per trip opposed to the Bus ~ 531 grams of carbon per trip . We will also look into the carbon difference per trip with our electric vehicles compared to the bus/ train. This data will also help the traffic team put a case forward in favour of public transport and active transport to meetings and training.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see you leaping in and getting 5 Smartriders for your trial Sophie. Launching this pilot has earned you 50 points. In case you haven't seen it, you might find our guide helpful You have also earned 20 points for sharing all the background.

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