Workplace access check (1)

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

The traffic team recently completed a Your Move Workplace Access Check to obtain research that will underpin our workplace access guide to best support the staff at the City.

Our barriers included: 90% of staff using vehicles to get to work, limited connectivity to South East of town centre and that public transport is not widely promoted.

Our opportunities include: 1.) Promoting active transport and public transport at induction, on the staff intranet and hosting lunch and learns. 2.) Updating our intranet to reflect routes and stop locations. 3.) Completing our LTCN including applying for WABN grants. 4.) Promoting our e-bike 5.) Promoting flexible hours. 6.) Promoting salary sacrifice of an e-bike.

Exciting opportunities to promote our active transport journey at the City, watch this space!! 🚌 🚴🚶

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sophie - I see you have made good use of the Workplace Access Check activity and resources and have identified some pertinent barriers and opportunities. I am really impressed at how you are systematically implementing Your Move at Wanneroo and using all the resources available 😁. You have earned 60 points for doing this Access Check and another 10 for filling us in on the results of the activity. Have a wonderful week!

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