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Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

I attended the Leadership Lab as a representative from the City of Wanneroo over two days on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Schools from the City of Wanneroo, City of Joondalup, City of Stirling and City of Belmont were in attendance. One the first day, students were invited to a variety of activity stations this included: SDERA, Act Belong Commit, RAC and the DOT to inspire their creative process. Students then consolidated this learning in their school groups as well as with peers from LGA schools through hands on activities.

On the second day, students created a pitch within their school teams with assistance from their ATO to address barriers to active travel around their school and provide a solution. Schools then pitched this idea to an expert panel which consisted of a COJ Councillor, a representative from the Road Safety Commission, Helen from the DOT and an Act Belong Commit representative. The room was buzzing with ideas and clapping as each school presented. The students should be commended on their inclusive, bold, inventive and Ingenius ways to support active travel in their school context. It was a privilege to walk around the room and support all of the schools' ideas and observe their participation in the labs.

Over the two workshops, I had the opportunity to work with St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School and brainstorm ideas as well as develop a project plan. I was impressed at their idea for a bike hire library and the barriers and enables to this project in their school. The students quickly came up with solutions to any barriers supported by their enthusiastic teachers. Sarah inspired the students through discussion and each student had a role in their pitch presentation. The students confidently presented to the panel and developed artwork that they can use at their school.

I look forward to working with St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School to see their project pitch come to fruition.

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James (Your Move)

It is wonderful that you were able to attend, Sophie, and to support your local school in the activities. You have earned 50 points for your involvement and 20 for sharing your take on the day from the perspective of a local government ATO. I look forward to hearing how the students' idea will develop!

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