Active Travel Rewards campaign: Update

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

At Coolbinia Primary we ran Fume Free Fridays throughout Term 1. This active travel campaign started at the beginning of the term with promotion on posters, in school bulletins for parents and the staff newsletters (see attached image) and meetings (photo in previous story), with PA announcements. Random Friday greetings at the school gates by the YM team was also organised, with the team handing out stickers, eco tokens, tattoos and badges to everyone coming in an active way. However, all early childhood children were given stickers, no matter how they came to school, to share the active travel message.

Another strategy we used was making chalk drawings, using stencils, on the footpaths into the school. These drawings included colourful smiley faces and footprints. Furthermore, the big Your Move banner was displayed at the front of the school. All these strategies supported our promotion of Fume Free Fridays.

Another component of our Term 1 YM campaign involved celebrating a special event day. This term it was National Ride 2 School Day. To run this event a five-week plan was required to schedule all the different aspects of promotion, implementation and analysis of results. The full-on advertising program included - creating posters, items in school bulletins (see attached image) and staff newsletters and meetings, along with PA announcements. Each week the students would complete a different aspect of the plan, for example in the third week of the plan they selected raffle prizes - 6x 1st prizes, 7x 2nd prizes and 7x 3rd prizes and placed these in separate boxes ready for the event day raffle draw; while in fourth week of the plan they rehearsed how to politely conduct the hands-up survey.

Overall, our Term 1 active travel campaign has been a great success. This is reflected in the results of two hands-up surveys - start of the year and Ride 2 School day findings, anecdotal feedback and photographic evidence.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks so much for taking the time to share these reflections Arlene. I'm sure your breakdown of all that goes into your active travel campaign will be of much interest to other champions. You have earned 15 points for your reflection on the term and 20 points for sharing so much useful info.

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Thanks James. Yes, most weeks I have a Your Move article in the Parent Bulletin because I think it is so important to keep the message fresh and in front of our audience.

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