Baseline Survey Innovation

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Year 4 students are managing Your Move at Coolbinia Primary this year.

As part of the Your Move program, students in Year 4 need to conduct a survey for all classes, K-Yr 6, to determine how students come to school - by car, walking, bike/scooter or bus?

The survey, conducted at the beginning of each year to collect baseline data, is done by the Your Move 4 students visiting classes and tallying the number of raised hands.

However, this year we did something different! K-Year 1 students supplied the information in the usual way; however, our Year 2-6 students completed the survey using our desktop computers in the Computer Lab.

Our Digital Technologies Specialist, Mr Wilson, guided the Room 9 students through the process of creating the digital surveys using Microsoft Forms which is one of the Office 365 apps. The idea behind this new approach is to be more efficient, save time and reduce disruption to lessons and is also a practical application of the ICT/Digital Technology skills.

Thank you, Room 9 students for doing a great job creating the digital surveys and collecting the baseline data!

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James (Your Move)

Nice work of Mr Wilson's to integrate the Your Move surveys into a Digital Technologies class. This classroom activity has earned Coolbinia 15 points, plus 10 for sharing the details.

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