At the Your Move Unwrapped event I learnt about funding support for bike education. As a result of attending the event our school has now booked all Year 4s to participate in bike education. This is a fabulous outcome on many levels, such as increased student fitness, road safety and awareness of bike maintenance issues, and potentially reduced congestion around the school. Thank you to all the bike ed presenters at the event!

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Katy (Your Move)

Great to hear that the information shared at the Your Move Unwrapped event has enabled you to book bike education for the Year 4's at Coolbinia Primary! What a great result. How many students will that be? Did you access funding through the Sporting Schools Grants? We look forward to hearing how your sessions go and what the Year 4 learnt and enjoyed the most.

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Thanks Katy. Yes, we booked the bike ed through a Sporting Schools Grant. We will have over fifty students participating in the bike ed program. Great!

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