Coolbinia P. S. Year 4s selected the new Your Move team for the first five weeks of this term. They met yesterday and finalised Your Move plans for October, Bike Month. They have planned two main events: Special Fume Free Friday Slow Bike Race.

The Fume Free Friday will involve surprise give-aways – tattoos, stickers and more for everyone who comes to school in an active way, plus pressies for every 10th bike rider! The Slow Bike Race will be held near the end of the month, at lunchtime on Wednesday 25th October. Rules for the Slow Bike Race have been decided and advertising for the event has been displayed. Also, PA notices have been written, to build excitement for the race as the date comes closer. There are three race categories: Year 1-2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6, with the winners of each category winning a prize.

Other activities this Your Move team will participate in are: CO2 games and ephemeral art promoting Your Move. It will be an exciting term!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Elaine! Great to see Coolbinia getting so involved in Bike Month - that has earned you 40 points 😀. I look forward to hearing how this special FFF goes! Great to hear that the new team are in place and keeping busy - this Term 4 meeting update has earned 10 points plus another 10 for sharing all the outcomes.

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