Carbon Dioxide & the Greenhouse Effect

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Coolbinia's Your Move team explored carbon dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect today. They did this by doing and discussing two activities.

The first activity was a Climate Change card game, where the action cards were given positive or negative numbers related to their impact on CO2 in the atmosphere. The 'positive' cards referred to activities that produced more CO2 e.g. 'Human drive cars +2', 'Human cut down trees +4'. The 'negative' cards referred to activities that reduced CO2 e.g. 'Human ride bikes -2', 'Humans plant trees -4'. The students enjoyed playing this game and discussed how they would make the game better e.g. they thought 'Humans burn rubbish' could be a +4 and 'Humans cut down trees' could be +6.

The second activity involved doing an experiment to demonstrate the Greenhouse Effect, using vinegar and bicarb soda. As the photos show, the students were impressed by this experiment. They discussed the impact of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Both these activities were part of the original resources in the TravelSmart to school package, that the school obtained in 2014. It is great to know that these resources are still educating and delighting our children!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Oh Elaine that makes me so happy to hear that the Lesson Plans are still of value to you! The team are working to make them more visible on the new website. That's 25 points for the lesson plus 30 for illustrating it so powerfully for others!

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Many thanks Emma for your feedback. Yes, the students thoroughly enjoy these long standing activities. On a different note, I notice I don't get access to the full list of activities the story is related to. I can only see a very short list that often doesn't really fit the story. How can we fix this? Many thanks, Elaine

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

One limitation of the present site is that users can only tag on Activity per Story. Many upgrades are on way - new website next year! When you are planning an Activity, you can find it's title in this PDF Resource then go to the page Type the Activity into the 'search' bar and 'add' it to your to do list. This will pre populate the short list that appears in Stories 😊

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