Since the Start-of-the-Year Survey there has been an improvement in students coming to school in an active way. Another hands-up survey was conducted for the Walk Safely to School Day event. This is very rewarding for the Your Move team at Coolbinia Primary, as it shows all their YM initiatives at promotion are working.

Bike riding improved from 11% to 14%, between March and May 2022. Impressively, coming to school by walking increased from 18% to 23%. Finally, very hearteningly, car transport dropped from 70% to 62% between the two surveys.

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James (Your Move)

It is great that you managed to do a HUS on your events day. You earned 20 for that when you uploaded the results and you have earned another 10 here for your reflections on the results. I'm glad that the survey showed such positive results and validated your promotional efforts 😊.

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