Fume Free Friday Fun

Elaine Lewis

Last Friday our Year 4 Your Team members held a surprise FFFF day! As children arrived at school they were greeted by YM organisers and offered a reward of their choice - stickers, badges or tattoos. This action proved a great success in promoting the benefits of YM.

This week the YM team has been preparing for our Walk Safely to School Day event, to be held next week, on Tuesday 16th June. Members displayed posters around the school, and advertised the event in the School Bulletin and over the PA. Great prizes are on offer so students are keen to participate in this special day. More news about this event next week ...

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James (Your Move)

Good to see your FFFs are doing well in term 2 Elaine. I like the idea of your FFFF instant rewards - every now and then instant gratification has a role to play! You have earned 90 points for your term update on your regular active travel day. You also received 10 points for having team meetings this term. I'll keep my eye out for next week's story on WS2SD.

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