Inspiring PL Session

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Today I attended the Your Move online PL session. It was timely and inspiring. Given some of the challenges we faced last term that impacted on our YM program, it was fantastic to hear from inspiring active transport presenters.

Aspects of the PL that were particularly relevant to me were: 1. International Park(ing) Day (16 Sept); 2. Park & Stride Day; 3. YM promotion focusing on academic benefits arising from participation in active transport; 4. YM infographics being created by our students using Canva Pro; and 5. inclusion of YM in my school's new Business Plan from both sustainability and wellbeing perspectives. I also liked using the Mentimeter. It will be great to obtain student feedback in this engaging way.

With regards to aspect 3. above, do you have any links/information I could access that will provide more information about academic gains? I would like to use this information in my promotion of this benefit of active transport.

Many thanks to all the presenters and the Dept of Transport YM team - it was a valuable PL!

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James (Your Move)

Another happy customer 😍! Thanks for sharing your take on this week's PL Elaine - it is always good to get feedback on what is valued by participants. Prompted by your comment I just looked up Mentimeter and I agree that it looks very interesting. Regarding research on academic benefits, I have just referred your query to Dave and Carol-Ann - I expect you'll get a reply after the term break. You have earned 50 points for attending this PL, plus 10 for your informative reflections.

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