National Ride 2 School Day (1)

Elaine Lewis

Coolbinia PS's Year 4 Your Move team in Room 9 organised a very successful Ride 2 School Day at the end of last term. They handed out raffle tickets, Your Move goodies and school tokens as children arrived at school in an active way. Twenty raffle tickets were drawn, 6 x 1st prizes, 7 x 2nd prizes and 7 x 3rd prizes. Prizes were collected at recess and ranged from giant floor bike pumps to shoe pets. Winners were listed on a notice at the office door.

Hands-up surveys were also conducted on the day to determine if more children were coming to school in an active way since the baseline survey was conducted at the start of the term. The results demonstrated a resounding: Yes! we had a 24% increase in walking and 29% increase in cycling. Our Bike Ed program this term has truly been successful in promoting cycling! Congratulations to all involved and keep being safe and healthy, being physically active as you come to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Elaine - and happy holidays! Thanks for sharing this extra info about your R2SD event. Excellent that you managed to do a HUS on the day and worked out those travel behaviour change stats - they are some encouraging results (and have earned you 15 points for sharing that analysis!). Great to hear too, that the bike ed seems to be having a positive effect.

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