A new team of Year 4 Your Move leaders started this week. They will lead Your Move initiatives for the last five weeks of this term.

At our first meeting the team discussed why Your Move was important. They identified environmental, health and social reasons for being Your Move supporters. They agreed to run a new event in Week 9 of this term, called Walking Wednesday! Posters were created to promote this event.

Walking Wednesday will involve the team members greeting other students at all the school gates at the start of the day. They will hand out give-aways, such as, stickers, badges, tattoos and the school's eco-tokens.

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James (Your Move)

Walking Wednesdays - exciting! Is that going to be an additional regular active travel day? Great to hear that the new team have embraced the idea. You have earned another 10 points for outlining the outcomes of this first meeting of the Term 2 team. I look forward to hearing how the Walking Wednesdays progress 😊.

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Thanks James for your feedback. I don't know if Walking Wednesdays will be a regular feature of our Your Move program. It is an initiative started by the current Your Move team and I'll see if the Term 3 Your Move team chooses to continue with it or develop their own new initiative. Student voice is important!

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