Planning for Walk Safely to School Day

Elaine Lewis

The Year 4 Your Move committee met again yesterday. They worked on their posters to promote Walk Safely to School Day.

During the session they also conducted the Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Effect CO2 experiment. The shrieks of delight as carbon dioxide filled the balloon reflected the level of excitement. Feeding into this joy, we discussed how our atmosphere acts like a greenhouse and traps heat at the surface of the Earth.

PA announcements, items in the school Bulletin and other strategies were considered to promote this special event. Overall, a very productive and successful YM team meeting.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

What a great 'classroom activity' it is! 25 points for that one. Term Two student meeting is 10 points. Plus 22 for newsletter item. Nice one 🌈

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Thanks Emma. The excitement of the CO2 experiement is always a winner! Great way to illustrate the Greenhouse Effect.

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Hi Elaine! What a great idea with that experiment! You’re still going strong with your wonderful initiative and zeal I see 🎊

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Thanks Zarin. Great to hear from you. Yes, still active about caring for our planet and hopefully inspiring our young ones.

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