Planning Meetings for Walking Wednesday

Elaine Lewis

Our group of enthusiastic Your Move leaders completed their Walking Wednesday posters at last week's YM meeting and these posters have since been displayed around the school. At the YM meeting they also examined the remaining YM prizes in the prize box and listed items that we needed to order from the YM website Rewards tab. Bike equipment such as bells and pumps, badges and stickers were fast moving items, so these were amongst those rewards ordered.

This week's YM meeting focussed on preparing for the Walking Wednesday event, to be held next week. Students selected which of the four school gates they would monitor and collected the items they needed, including stickers, badges, tattoos and eco tokens. To round off the meeting the students conducted the CO2 experiment using vinegar and bicarb, to remind them of the reduced CO2 benefits coming from their Walking Wednesday initiative.

Finally, Walking Wednesday will include a new feature - spot prizes for every twentieth active transport student arriving at each gate. These spot prizes include YM hats, pens and other goodies. We will see if this promotion makes a difference to our YM participants!

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James (Your Move)

What a comprehensive meeting Elaine 😁! Great to see all the plans developing and impressive that the team managed to fit in the CO2 experiment. I look forward to hearing how the new spot prize idea goes! You have earned 20 points for sharing so many details of this meeting.

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