Preparing for World Car Free Day

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Coolbinia's Your Move team has been busy preparing for World Car Free Day (WCFD), on Thursday 22nd September. First the students explored understandings of carbon dioxide as a gas and conducted a CO2 experiment that resulted in excited shouts when a balloon filled with CO2! Then the students considered the impact of vehicular pollution and the part played by CO2.

Team members made posters and displayed them around the school, as well as wrote a series of PA announcements to keep everyone informed and motivated to participate in WCFD.

The team will split up on the event day, to attend the different school gates. They will hand out raffle tickets, stickers, tattoos and environment tokens. There will be 20 raffle prize winners, with prizes ranging from $50 bike vouchers, drink bottles, bike equipment, books and lots more.

On WCFD the team will conduct face-to-face hands-up surveys for Kindy - Year 1 students, but Years 2-6 will complete their surveys digitally. The Digital Technologies Specialist will arrange for this online survey, to be accessed by a QR code, to be prepared next week.

At our last planning meeting the team will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and make them ready for collection on WCFD. They will also rehearse their various roles for that special day. The team is bubbling over with excitement ... like the CO2 experiment!

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like the team is putting in a super effort to ensure this year's World Car Free Day is a huge success. Thanks for sharing all the details of the plannning efforts going ahead - that has earned you 20 points.

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