Reflections on Your Move in 2018

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Members of the Term 4 Your Move team completed a group PMI about Your Move in 2018. Some of the Positives were: Your Move is fun; getting more people involved; giving out prizes; less pollution; helping people to be healthy; making posters; and doing PA announcements. Only a few Minuses were identified: Your Move team having to get to school early on Your Move special days; suspicion that some children weren't truthful about using active transport or were confused when we did the HUS; and giving up our lunchtimes to do Your Move jobs. Some of the Interesting Ideas included: teaching people how to care for their bikes; having a bike race under controlled conditions for safety; and having different raffles depending on how far away from the school you live. Great reflections!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Elaine - your team reflection has earned you 25 activity points plus 10 plus for sharing the outcomes. It looks like it was a useful exercise - did it result in any changes you want to make for next year?

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