Reflections & Targets

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Coolbinia Primary's Your Move class met as a whole today, rather than as small teams, to reflect on the students' experiences as Your Move leaders.

The key points the students raised indicated they enjoyed Your Move leadership activities because: they were "fun", provided "good environmental education" for themselves as well as others in the school community, and gave people an "active way to care for the environment".

The class also suggested Your Move strategies that the 2023 Your Move leaders could consider, based on their experiences this year. Students recommended: "do more Your Move events", implement a "progressive prize system, like our Reading Rewards", have "longer Your Move planning sessions", "don't litter because this makes people not like being outside", have a "Bake sale and sell cup cakes with Your Move logos on them to promote Your Move", set a "class target for active travel each week", have more "bike race days", and "keep encouraging everyone to come to school in an active way in as many different ways as you can".

Clearly the 2022 Your Move leaders learnt a lot from their leadership experiences and were keen to share their ideas. Many thanks and congratulations go to our 2022 Your Move leaders!

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear that "fun" it at the top of the list! One of the many things I learned from Catrina at Millennium Kids is that fun is super important 😁. I can't wait to see how some of those idea's come to fruition in 2023. The team have earned 15 points for this refection activity and you have earned 20 points for sharing all those gems with us.

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