Ride To School Day Reflection

Luke Erceg
Coolbinia Primary School

Wow! Term 4 has officially kicked off and we are as busy as ever with swimming lessons, EDUDance, end of year concert, interschool and a whole bunch of other activities. Coolbinia Primary School held a Ride To School Day last Thursday. I just wanted to share some insights at how the event was organised and how it went.

As previously mentioned by Elaine Lewis on our previous post, we placed a notice in our weekly communications bulletin to raise awareness amongst the school community. I gave a brief run down of the days events during our weekly in-house staff communications meeting the day before during recess. This meant that staff knew what time they could expect the students from Your Move running the Hands-Up Surveys.

Students arrived early to hand out stickers to students and raffle tickets who took active travel on the day. We were expecting it to be busier than previous days with the change of season but the days' numbers were reduced a bit due to the forecast storm. The students were able to practice their public speaking by making PA announcements regarding the winning tickets and when/where to collect their prizes. We will also announce the classes with the highest percentage and most improved percentage at the next assembly, which also happens to be our class assembly.

I've attached a PDF scan of one of the posters that a group of students have designed for the event. Reflecting on the style of the Your Move program from this year (meetings during Thursday lunch times twice-three time a term), I have decided to integrate the poster design and development during Term 1 Visual Arts next year. Students can look at the elements of posters and create them in advance, leaving space for the dates to be put on there - which just need to be added to the term calendar later in the year.

While we do have another Your Move day towards the end of the term, we are also looking at running at least two Fume Free Fridays to finish off the year on a strong note, particularly when the weather clears up and has some form of predictability. We have also started the process of planning for 2019 in terms of classroom year levels and roles. It will be interesting to see if the Your Move portfolio stays with the Year 5 students or moves with teachers who have received PL and have experience with the program. Watch this space!

We are also in the process of working with the Physical Education specialist to run some of the Bike Education classes offered through Your Move in conjunction with PE lessons, which will meet the Bike Education component of the year 5 curriculum and will make a nice send off for the students' hard work over the course of the year.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your detailed update Luke. I like how you are pre-preparing (is that a word?) your posters - it sounds like a very smooth operation. You received 15 points for your poster design activity, 15 bonus points for your detailed description of all the activities plus another 3 for including the poster image. It's great to hear that you have lots more plans in place for the term - make sure you post the details when they come to fruition.

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