Ride2School Day at Coolbinia

Elaine Lewis

The Term 1 Your Move team met for the first time on Wed 22 Feb. We have 8 students in our team. We discussed plans for this term. Our major event was to promote Ride 2 School Day. We did our baseline pre 'hands up' survey on Tuesday 7 March. Our school celebrated Ride 2 School Day on Tuesday 14 March as our swimming carnival day was on the same day as the official Ride 2 School Day. We noticed many more students came to school by walking or riding on our Ride 2 School Day, as proved by our post 'hands up' survey results.

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Katy (Your Move)

Great to see that you NR2SD event was a success at Coolbinia PS. Has your student team considered promoting a regular ride to school day every week in Term 2 to ride on the coat tails of your events success? You could also think about student leaders organising a lunch time obstacle course or a slow bike race in Term 2 - we've got resources for both of these activities in the Resource section of the website.

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Thanks Katy for your comments. I met with the Term 1 Your Move student leaders on the last day of school to review successes and consider improvements that could be implemented next term, by the new Term 2 Your Move team. One suggestion was to more actively promote our regular Fume Free Fridays. A story wiill be written about this evaluation.

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