National Ride 2 School Day was enthusiastically embraced at Coolbinia PS. A five-week plan was developed to organise all the different aspects of promotion, implementation and analysis of results.

The full-on adverting program included - creating posters, placing items in school bulletins (see attached image) and staff newsletters (see attached extract) and meetings, along with PA announcements. Each week the students completed a different aspect of the plan, for example in the first week they created promotional posters; in the third week they selected raffle prizes - 6x 1st prizes, 7x 2nd prizes and 7x 3rd prizes and placed these in separate boxes ready for the event day raffle draw; while in fourth week of the plan they rehearsed greeting children & parents at the school gates, as well as rehearsed how to politely conduct the hands-up survey.

On the day of the event the YM teams were at the school gates at 8am, ready to greet people coming to school. At 8.35am the team selected the 20 winning raffle tickets and set up the prizes ready for collection at recess time. Next they completed the hands-up survey across the whole school to gather data to compare with the start of year survey results. When going around to the classes for the survey, the team advised the raffle winners and invited them to collect their prizes at recess.

At the final meeting of this YM team, they will analyse the survey results and selected YM Rewards they would like the school to obtain for future events. The YM team thoroughly enjoyed their leadership roles and wanted more! Next term a new team will have the opportunity to be the Your Move leaders.

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James (Your Move)

Wow - so much behind the scene action going on 🎬! Thanks so much for sharing all the background promotion and preparation that the team did - the level of detail has earned you 30 points, on top of the 40 points you received for your event. I look forward to the next update. Have a super week Elaine 😀.

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