Bike safety is a critical part of bike education. Bike safety and maintenance checks were conducted last week, prior to the commencement of a four-week bike education course for Year 4s at Coolbinia Primary.

The Year 4s participated in this activity because they are the Your Move classes. Every student in Year 4 experiences at least 5 weeks being a Your Move leader, organising events and promoting Your Move. Students in Year 3 are Waterwise classes, Year 5 Waste Sorted and Year 6 EnergySmart. All classes focus on Biodiversity and Social Handprint actions. This Scope and Sequence was designed so that by Year 6 every child has experienced and been empowered by a range of actions they can take to care for other people and the environment.

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James (Your Move)

Excellent news that the year 4s' bikes are all going to be in tip top shape ready for the upcoming Bike Ed 😊. You have earned 40 points for sharing how you are using your Superboost grant on bike checks and Bike Ed (please let me know if I'm wrong about this being part of the Superboost grant). You have also earned 10 points for the background details on how you divvy up the environmental roles of the different years.

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Thanks James for your feedback. Yes, the four bike education sessions start on Wed 7th June and run through the rest of June. Yes, I thought it was important to share our broader sustainability program so that others can see how we fit it all in, plus very importantly, move towards a whole systems thinking approach rather than viewing Your Move as a silo action.

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