Slow End to Bike Month!

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

The Coolbinia Your Move team leaders organised an exciting WA Bike Month. The special events - Fume Free Friday and Slow Bike Races - implemented to celebrate this month, were a great hit!

The Fume Free Friday event (20th October) coincided, deliberately, with Crazy Hair Day, so there were some stunning hair-dos to be seen as the children arrived at school. Badges, stickers, tattoos and eco tokens were given to students who came to school in an active way. All early childhood students received stickers even if they didn't come in an active way, as a means to promote Your Move. Finally to link with Bike Month, the team members looking after the bike enclosure gave out surprise prizes to every 10th students who rode to school. These prizes ranged from bike bells to wrist slap bands, pens and pencil cases.

The Slow Bike Races were held on Wednesday 25th October, after the students had finished eating lunch. There were three race categories: Years 1-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6. Winners in each of these categories selected prizes from our Your Move prize box. These included a $50 bike shop voucher, drink bottles and bike bells. Everyone had a grand time participating in the challenge to ride their bikes slowly!

This fabulous 2023 Bike Month was reported in our school parent and community Bulletin too. The article may be found at:

Here are some fun-filled photos from the Fume Free Friday event and the Slow Bike Races.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Happy Bike Month Coolbinia PS! Thanks for that fabulous round up Elaine. I love the clever cross over with Crazy Hair Day... and surprise prizes at the gate. That's 22 points for your newsletter item, 50 for use of rewards, 50 for your Term 4 Regular AT Day update and 30 for your Slow Bike Race. Plus 20 for awesome detail, congrats!

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