Today we uploaded the Your Move survey findings from our Walk Safely to School event earlier this month. When we compared the May and March special event results they were nearly identical: 54% came to school by car; 21% by bike and 23% walked. We are thinking about how we could do more promotion of Your Move so our third term special event results will be an improvement on the current statistics.

During the rest of this term we have planned four major activities to promote YM: 1. present a YM item at the school assembly on 11th June; 2. attend the YM/MK Leadership Lab on 28th and 29th June; 3. decorate your bike competition on 30th June; and 4. purchase more YM Rewards to re-invigorate our prize boxes. The following photo show the YM team selecting new Rewards.

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James (Your Move)

Your team has pulled together some great plans for the rest of the term Elaine - thanks for sharing! That is pretty amazing that the percentages were unchanged 😲. You have earned 10 points for your team meeting in Term 2, another 10 for sharing all the outcomes of the meeting and 5 points for your reflection on getting over the 54% hump. 😊

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