Success for our first event this term!

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

At Coolbinia the Your Move leadership passed to the other Year 4 class for Semester 2. The class has been divided into four groups so that every child in the class will experience leadership activities in Your Move.

Group 1 meet in Week 2 and planned a surprise Fume Free Friday reward day. That special event was today! The team waited at the school gates to welcome everyone to school and give stickers, tattoos and Responsibility Tokens to every student who came to school in an active way. The busiest gates were the bike (wire enclosure) and Kwobadarn (flag) gates. See the photos of the team at work!

During the last two weeks the whole class has been working on Your Move posters to promote being active when coming to and from school. These posters have been displayed around the school. Take a look at some of their stunning posters!

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James (Your Move)

What a grand success Group 1 and all of the Year 4 class 🤩! Clearly your posters did the job - well done. You have earned 90 points for continuing your FFF in Term 3 and 50 points for your Active Travel Rewards Campaign. You also get 10 points for keeping us all engaged with your well written story!

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