Teacher PL & Start of Year Survey

Elaine Lewis

At Coolbinia Primary School's Communication Meeting last Wednesday the Your Move initiative was promoted.

The Digital Technologies Specialist presented information about collecting the Start of Year Survey using Microsoft Forms and QR codes. The Your Move Coordinator explained about the Your Move initiative and the importance of the survey to collect baseline data for the 2023.

Yesterday the Your Move student team learnt how to do the hands up survey - how to approach the class and seek permission to do the survey and how to conduct the survey. Today they went to all the Early Childhood classes (K - 1) to conduct the survey. The digital survey covered Years 2-6.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like a very useful session you and the Digital Technologies Coordinator ran at your Comms Meeting, Elaine - and you earned yourselves 70 points in the process. Great to hear that the kids are also now full bottle on the survey and rolled it out yesterday. You have earned another 10 points for all the info you shared. Don't forget to upload your survey results for the 50 points! Have a great weekend 😊.

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Thanks James. Yes, I'll upload the survey results next week. The YM student leaders will email me next week with the digital survey results during their next Digital Technologies lesson.

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James (Your Move)


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