Two Tales of Travel in May!

Elaine Lewis

On 12th May Coolbinia PS conducted a Walk Safely to School event with a hands-up survey and on 26th May the City of Stirling conducted a surprise hands-up survey. Survey results have been uploaded and compared.

The stats for the 12th May were: riding bike/skateboard 21%; walking 23% and travelling by car 54%.

The stats for the 26th May were: riding bike/skateboard 13%; walking 23% and travelling by car 63%.

Immediately following the 26th May survey, Year 5 students spontaneously provided feedback about the hands-up survey. A student, representing the whole class, sent an email to the school's Your Move Coordinator stating: "Most people may have driven by car because of swimming as they might have had to bring swimming materials." Also, "Because it is winter, people may have driven as it is cold." Students were clearly concerned that their circumstances were not taken into account in the surprise survey context, namely school swimming lessons for Years 3-6 during cold weather.

Spontaneous student reflection on the survey results was impressive and demonstrated that students are aware of and concerned about active travel, and wanted others to appreciate their point of view. They clearly value active travel!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this Elaine. I love these little unexpected gems that come out of Your Move. The good news is that your NWS2SD event seems to have had a positive effect on cycling/skating, compare to the random survey day. But yes, it is unfortunate that perhaps swimming affected people's normal choice of transport mode. I agree that it is wonderful to see how much ownership the students are taking 🤩. I have given you 10 points for sharing the details of this reflection.

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