Coolbinia Primary's Walk Safely to School Day was a great success! Your Move (YM) team members greeted students as they arrived at school. They gave students who came to school in an active way lots of goodies ... raffle tickets, stickers, environmental care tokens, badges and tattoos.

When the students went into class the YM team drew out 20 winning raffle tickets - 6 first prizes, and 7 second and third prizes each. Prizes included YM backpacks, drink bottles, bike bells and locks, and books. Students, from early childhood to upper primary, collected their prizes at recess.

Hands-up surveys were also conducted. The early childhood classes, Kindy to Year 1, completed the surveys face-to-face with YM team members. Students in Years 2-6 completed the survey digitally, using a QR code for each class. The school's Digital Technology Specialist worked with the Year 4 YM class the previous week to create the digital survey. The digital survey was created to demonstrate the application of computer skills in a practical way, thereby saving time and effort. The survey findings showed enhanced engagement with active travel, even though many students were absent with Covid.

Overall, this special event was a valuable inclusion to our YM program. The promotion before, during and after the WSTSD drew attention to the importance of active travel; and the give-ways and prizes increased excitement about the Day.

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James (Your Move)

Well done everyone at Coolbinia - by participating in National Walk Safetly to School Day you have earned Coolbinia PS 40 points. Elaine, you have also earned another 20 points for your engagin story and all the details on how it was promoted and celebrated. Great to hear that despite Covid, numbers were up 😊!

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