Walk Over October at Coolbinia (1)

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Our special Walk Over October day ran smoothly. At the start of the day we wore our TravelSmart T-shirts and stood at all the school gates handing out stickers and raffle tickets to everyone who came to school in a TravelSmart way. All the little Kindies and PrePrimaries were given stickers anyway to encourage them to be TravelSmart in the future.

When the siren went we drew the lucky 21 raffle tickets - 7 each for first, second and third prizes. Just before recess we announced the winners over the PA and where the prizes could be collected. There was great excitement as students hurried to collect their prizes during recess.

That morning we also did the post-Hands Up Survey. Our special day resulted in an improvement from 35% coming to school by walking or riding on a normal day to 48% on the TravelSmart day. Yeah!

Term 4 TravelSmart Team

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