Coolbinia Primary School's Your Move team trialed a new initiative at the end of last term. It was called "Walking Wednesday"! The usual promotions - posters, PA announcements, parent newsletters & talks were conducted, along with a new idea. This involved giving a reward prize to the 20th student who came to school in an active way. This 20th student prize was given at all four school gates and repeatedly, for the next 40th, 60th student and so on. The prizes consisted of hats & bags. All active students also received a sticker, tattoo and eco token.

The event was well received and worth conducting again this term. The photos show the Your Move team in action on the day. Although a formal hands-up survey was not conducted, the Your Move team provided feedback that indicated it was another valuable promotion tool in our Your Move strategies. A new Your Move team will start this term so it will be interesting to observe what fresh ideas they have for encouraging active transport.

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear that your "20th active traveller" reward scheme was well received for your Walking Wednesday. You have earned 40 points for running this event in Term 2 plus 10 points for sharing how it all worked. I look forward to reading about the second edition this term!

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