Welcome to New YM Team

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

At Coolbinia Primary the Year 4 classes are responsible for leading Your Move. The Room 8 Year 4s performed this role enthusiastically in Semester 1, and now the Room 5 Year 4s have a turn at being YM leaders. The class is divided into four groups and each group has five weeks of being the Your Move team. This is a long-awaited privilege, with the students keen to have their turn!

The first task of the new YM Team for Weeks 1-5 of Term 3 is to promote our Fume Free Fridays again. The students have made posters, PA Announcements and items for parent newsletters. They are looking forward to greeting students at the school gates on Friday 18th August with various give-aways.

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James (Your Move)

They are some lovely shots of the Term 3 team in action Elaine 😊. They have earned 10 points for their first meeting this term and you have earned another 10 for sharing the outcomes. Don't forget to fill us in on the newsletter items from this term!

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