World Car Free Day (1)

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Coolbinia's Your Move Team organised a fabulous World Car Free Day event. They planned the event in the two weeks before the special day, including displaying promotional posters. On the Day, the Team followed their usual plan for running such events.

The Team handed out raffle tickets and other little prizes at the school gates as students arrived at school. A hands-up survey was conducted, then twenty raffle ticket winners were drawn. Students collected their prizes at recess. Prizes included a wide variety of bike gear, books, pens, and other goodies.

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James (Your Move)

The Coolbinia Your Move team sound very organised - and they look very happy too with the results of their efforts 😊. They have earned 40 points for their special World Car Free Day event and you have earned another 10 points for sharing the details of how it all panned out.

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Thanks for your feedback James.

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