Your Move Festival (1)

Elaine Lewis

Students across all year levels participated in a Your Move Festival in Term 1. The main aim of this event was to promote active healthy lifestyles. Early Childhood children enjoyed the Constable Care puppet performance and the message of the road safety mascot, while Years 3-6 participated in skateboarding and bike education lessons, as well as public transport and RAC road safety sessions. The City of Stirling Community Engagement team also provided a sausage sizzle.

Many thanks to the Your Move team at the Department of Transport and the City of Stirling for enabling this Festival, plus all the school staff who helped manage the day. Overall, an enjoyable day was experienced by all, as we learnt how to be active and safe outdoors.

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James (Your Move)

Ah - I love that shot of the kids lined up with the skateboards - so engaged! Great to hear that Coobinia hosted the YM Travel Fest - these events are amazing. You have earned 95 points for your big day, plus 10 bonus points for giving us all the details - thanks Elaine!

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