Last week one of our fantastic staff members attended a Your Move professional learning session and shared the valuable insights that were gained during it during one of our collaborative DOTT sessions. The students that participate in the Your Move program at Coolbinia Primary School are Year 5 students. We spoke about ways to effectively and seamlessly integrate Your Move into classroom programing, which is a huge bonus in NAPLAN terms. These ideas were then shared in our Phase of Learning team meetings.

Ideas for integration:
Persuasive Writing - The benefits of taking travel smart methods to school.
Persuasive Writing - Everyone should participate in (link to term Your Move day)
Narrative Writing - Using a picture of a bike as a narrative prompt with a shared writing session on how good people feel when they are riding.
Statistics and Probability - Creating the survey forms for the Your Move Days
Statistics and Probability - Graphing the survey results for each class and seeing which classes have improved the most (linking to percentages).

During our weekly communications meeting we were explaining what the roles and responsibilities would be for the Your Move students on the day and handed out the posters they have made to promote the event. We asked teachers to remind students over the course of the week about the event and remind students of that not only does being travel smart have health and environmental benefits but it is fun to do. We're hoping to build a lifelong interest in travel smart methods so that the students continue to be travel smart each day of the week and get all teachers within the school to get on board with the message!

We will post some photos of our National Walk To School Day activities later on this week. Here's a snap that we got this morning of our walking school bus at one of our school gates.

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James (Your Move)

So much information in there (a bonus 10 points for all the detail - thanks!) Your report on the planning session with staff for NW2SD earned you 15 points and your WSB update earned another 90 points. Remember that each term that you report on your WSB you can get 90 points. Looking forward to hearing how NW2SD went.

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