Creaney Steps into Your Move!

Tasha Longman
Creaney Primary School

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Creaney Primary School’s Your Move website. At Creaney we are striving to promote a sustainable environment for our future, as well as a healthy lifestyle, by simply walking, riding or scooting to school. By simply walking, riding or scooting to school, we will help get the heart pumping, reduce car traffic on the road, limit fuel emissions, and connect with others and to promote healthy choices to look after our bodies. At Creaney, we hope to run many activities, for example ‘Dress Up Your Bike Day’ on Friday, the 13th of March, which is a fun, engaging and creative way to get active.

We hope to have you join in on our community initiative!

- Miss Longman

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move, Tasha and all at Creaney Primary. I'm James and I review all stories posted here to make sure you don't miss out on any points or to answer any queries. Well done for getting your first story up! Successfully linking it to the "Write your first story" activity means that you automatically received the 12 points for that activity. Have a great "Freaky Friday" on the 13th and don't forget to let us know how the day goes. Hope to see you soon!

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