Our First Hands Up Survey

Tasha Longman
Creaney Primary School

On Wednesday, the 11th of March, Creaney PS participated in their first Hands Up Survey, conducted by our Sport Councillor, Jake. Staff and students were amazed to see 189 (68%) of our students drove to school, while only 28 (10%) rode, 58 (21%) students walked and 3 (1%) caught public transport.

These results only encourage and excite us to walk or ride to school to live a healthier lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint.

We can do it, Creaney!

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James (Your Move)

Well done for taking on the Hands Up Survey task Jake! It sounds like your efforts have resulted in much positive discussion at Creaney PS. You automatically earn 50 points when you upload a 'start of year' or 'end of year' survey using our online tool (and 20 points for an additional survey during the year). Today I have given you a 5 point bonus for your reflection on the results of your first survey.

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