The Cocky Crew is a group of 8, Year 6 students who are leaders at Currambine Primary School. Last week we had our first meeting to introduce the crew to Your Move and to discuss ideas of how we can get everyone in our school community embracing Your Move.

The student leaders were super excited and came up with some great ideas of how we can let the whole school know about upcoming activities and events. They watched clips from the Your Move website and discussed many issues around the importance of active travel options.

It was great to see their enthusiasm for the initiative and they are looking forward to getting everyone at Currambine Primary School more active.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue and the Cocky Crew, and welcome to Your Move Schools! I'm James - I review all stories published to ensure you don't miss out on any points and to help with any queries you may have. It looks like you are off to a flying start with such an enthusiastic group of student leaders. Make sure you let us know when you have looked at your school's circumstances and come up with a plan for the year and you can get points for the activity "Define your issues and make a plan". You can also get points each term for having student team meetings, other planning sessions, posting YM articles in your school newsletter or presenting YM items to a school assembly - that is of course on top of any events you have or any classroom activities. For this story, you correctly linked it to the right activity which gave you 60 points for setting up your student team. I have also given you 12 points for successfully posting your first story and a bonus 10 points for making it a great read! OK - bye for now, but I'll be looking out for your next post!

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