The results are in and the statistics don’t lie. Currambine Primary School students are definitely more active as a result of Your Move.

The recent Hands Up Survey showed that there has been a decrease of almost 10% of students getting to school by car. What is also terrific is that there is an increase of 37% of students walking to school and also a quarter more students riding to school than previously.

These results are proving that the Currambine School Community is getting on board with active travel to school. We are looking forward to the upcoming Cycle Safe Education Program that will help students to feel more confident in riding their bikes to school.

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James (Your Move)

That's excellent news Sue - and what a great note to wind up the year on! What the stats don't show (and the photo does!) is the joy factor that is associated with these positive results! You have automatically received 50 points for uploading your end of year survey results and I have just given you 5 for your reflections here. Have a lovely weekend!

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