Bikes Allowed on CABS Buses at Curtin

Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

In order to facilitate the final leg of the journey, Curtin University came to an agreement with the provider of our CABS buses to allow bicycles on board. The CABS is a free bus service with four routes through the surrounding suburbs. After determining bike racks were not appropriate for the size of the bus (they are smaller than a PTA bus), it was agreed that if the bus was not too full that passengers could bring their bus on board.

It is hoped that this will assist students and staff with completing their journeys by active transport.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Wow! That is a first for WA. If I had a penny for the amount of questions I've had about taking bikes on buses over the years ... You have earned 22 activity points for promoting public transport and 105 bones points for innovation, wider benefits and providing people with more transport choices. Thanks for sharing Shannon. We would be keen to hear what the uptake is over time?

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Woo hoo! Thanks Kylie!

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