E-Bike Lending Program

Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

The staff lending program at Curtin University has been underway for a year. the program allows staff to borrow an eBike for 2 weeks to encourage behaviour change in their commuting habits. The fleet includes standard bikes, folding bikes, a compact and a trike.

After 100 people had taken part in the program a survey was conducted of their experience. It showed that 95% of participants found the program gave them a positive view of eBikes and 15% went on to purchase or lease an eBike. It also interestingly showed that 32% of people were riding their own push bike more often after the trial.

Feedback received included to increase the lending period and to offer more variety of styles of bikes. The survey shows that the lending program seems like a small initiative but it is helping to change people's habits and views of riding a bike for transport.

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James (Your Move)

This is a really exciting program Shannon. Looking at the attached report I am very impressed with the size and diversity of the fleet. What was it that some people thought was missing? Perhaps a cargo bike or MTB? Even though it is not exactly a traditional bike pool, I have linked your story to that activity and you have earned 60 points for that, plus a bonus 10 for making it a compelling read as well as another 10 for taking the time to upload the full report.

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