E Bike Trial at Curtin University for Staff

Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

In order to see if some small opportunities would reduce barriers to active transport commuting, Curtin University has teamed with a local eBike shop to offer 5 eBikes for a mini 5 week trial!

Participants will maintain a travel diary for one week prior, five weeks during, and one week after the trial to see if any behaviour change occurs. This is to include trips outside the journey to work. The trial will include the option of a folding eBike to make multi-modal trips easier as well.

The trial will be launched at theRide2Curtin breakfast on 11 October.

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Amy (Your Move)

Fantastic good news story for the end of the week, Shannon! The e-bike trial sounds like a great idea, and great that you're trialling some different things like additional trips and a folding bike. We'd love to hear how the launch goes, and what behaviour change results you achieve!

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