Free trishaw rides on Open Day

Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Curtin University Open Day was held on 29 July. In order to not only add some fun to the day but to have some awareness of bicycles on campus, Peddle Perth were brought in to offer free rides to destinations on campus.

they were busy the entire day taking people to different buildings and especially to the Curtin FM station. The trishaws were such a success that we will be having them back for future events!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Shannon, what a fun way to promote cycling to new students! You've earned 30 activity points for promoting active transport to new staff, 30 innovation points and some bonus points for your plan to incorporate them in to future events. At our last Your Move Forum Jane was full of great ideas to create high impact events that people want to be part of and that then leads to behaviour change. I think this is a perfect example! Can't wait to hear how you incorporate trishaws into future events!

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