Travel Survey is live!

Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

A travel survey is live at Curtin University until the 25th of October. Only a week in and there have been 320 respondents! This is the first time the university has undertaken a travel survey, which will now occur on a yearly basis. The results will assist with decision making on facilities on campus as well as looking at a strategic level at where the difficulties in commuting occur.

Incentives of Smartriders prepaid with $20 and a Rebel Sports Voucher are included, thanks to the Your Move Rewards Shop.

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James (Your Move)

That's a really important step you have taken Shannon - well done! And a big thumbs up for getting so many responses so quickly. You must have really hit the spot with your promotion. What media did you use to promote the survey? I have linked the story to the "Travel Survey" activity which has given you 50 points, plus you got a bonus 10 points for the useful details you included in the story.

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