Travel Survey Results

Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

There were over 800 respondents (76% staff) with 66% female, mostly aged between 20-40. Arrival time was mostly between 7:30am-8:30am and departure times of 4pm--5pm.

The results showed about 61% of respondents drive to Curtin University, 12% by bicycle, 23% by PT, 6% car pooling, 6% walk and 3% other means. In the last 12 months 20% of respondents had changed their commute mode and 42% are interested in changing how they usually commute.

The projects they would like the university to focus on in the future have similar priorities to the same questions asked 3 years ago. Curtin is creating information to show how many buses currently pass through campus, as well as information showing safer bicycle routes to campus. Smart Parking will be in effect in Semester 1 2020, car pooling will be promoted and EV charging stations should be on campus in 2020.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Shannon. I was surprised to see PT as low as 23% - does it surprise you too? Do you think it is a behavioural issue, or is the network not quite matching demand? 12% by bike is very good - you must be happy with that. Overall was there much difference between the students and staff in their choice of mode?

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Shannon, you mention that there was a travel survey 3 years ago, is the most split still similar as well? Or was there movement in how people were getting to campus?

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