Your Move Workshop

Oakley Driscoll
Department of Communities

On the 16th of August, three team members from the Fremantle 2020 Project team attended a workshop led by Your Move to help formulate part of the Fremantle 2020 Transport Strategy. The workshop was led by Jane Genovese, a brilliant and dynamic speaker that communicated different ways to increase the adoption of active travel options. Through delivering a highly engaging presentation, Jane highlighted the benefits associated with using sustainable transport options such as the health and wellness associated with riding a bike or the added time to read a book whilst on the train.

The presentation also offered an insight into the Your Move service. Through a group mind mapping activity, the attendees discussed ways to build momentum within an organisation and how to motivate each other to adopt these sustainable transport options.

In particular, when using the Your Move service, groups are encouraged to create a group profile and complete ‘activities’ that support the use of sustainable travel. These may include options such as public transport, bus services, car-pooling or bike riding. Points are awarded for each activity that is completed and employees can accrue points within a team. The activities are designed to get people thinking about transport, whether that be by hosting a breakfast that celebrates sustainable travel or holding a bike skills workshop.

Overall, the discussions were highly productive in informing the Fremantle 2020 Project Team of ways to make travel fun and engaging within the workplace. The key messages and ideas will be further explored by the team to develop a travel strategy that is well researched.


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James (Your Move)

Great first story Oakley - I've given you 12 points for getting in there and publishing a story and also 50 points for attending the YM workshop. Keep the momentum up!

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