In early 2020, the Fremantle-based teams of Department of Transport will be relocating to the new Kings Square, currently under redevelopment. We’ll take occupancy of the 4th floor of what was the old Myer building in the middle of Fremantle. While it’s not a big move geographically for staff, we’re taking the opportunity to engage with Your Move to promote alternative modes of commuting such as cycling, walking and public transport, and to take full advantage of the building’s modern end of trip facilities. Staff will also be transitioning to an Activity Based Workplace model, so there are a lot of changes afoot.

We have just started our journey and are busy making plans … such as ensuring all teams have business Smart Riders (for travel to other office locations), provide information regarding public transport options and cycling routes, and to survey all staff about their current travel arrangements. We also have a number of ad hoc initiatives planned, such as a stair climb challenge, to encourage moving towards a healthier lifestyle and to one which is more sustainable. Stay tuned for more ...

Our new office, as viewed from our current one

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Kylie (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move! You have earned 12 activity points for writing your first story and some bonus points for letting us know what you have planned in 2019. Relocations are a great opportunity to change the way people travel in favour of active transport. Keep us posted to earn more points. For instance, your stair climb challenge will earn you 50 automatic activity points for running an active transport challenge.

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I love your " a lot of changes afoot." So aptly put!

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Biddy. Good to meet Robin at the Your Move Forum today. As Kylie noted, relocations provide a window of opportunity for encouraging active travel choices and promoting a workplace culture supportive of these options. I look forward to hearing of your activities in the lead up to the move.

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