As an Act, Belong, Commit School, we are taking part in 'Active August'.

Today each of the classes were given an 'Active August' calendar for them to complete as a class and to follow in the month of August. Students were asked to brainstorm ways they can stay mentally healthy as well as physically healthy and put activities for them to complete in the month of August.

Wednesdays we have nominated as 'Walk to School Wednesdays', however each class thought of various and specific ways to stay active, such as our year 5's who prefer to 'Scoot to School Wednesday' and our Year 3's and 4's who will ride.

I then took some of the students ideas and have created a mentally and physical activity planner for our staff members as much of our focus so far has been on our students.

I went around to all staff and asked what they would like to do over the month of August. As I had very different ideas and responses from, we have kept the staff calendar as 'Walk to School Wednesdays' however we have staff members who will walk all the way to school (some as far as Alkimos Beach!) and some who will drive but park a good distance from school.

Our Active August planner is in our front office, displayed for staff to look and read when they come into school in the mornings.

Looking forward to some more active travel!

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I have a photo to share that didn't quite load, is there a way to edit this?

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Hi Amy, I just added photo you sent to me.

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James (Your Move)

This is the first time I have seen the Active August Calendar - thanks so much for sharing Amy 😊. You have earned 25 points for making the most of this resource with students and staff, plus 20 for all your story details.

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