On Tuesday the 4th June, we were thrilled to welcome Chris and Mel from Cyclesense, who conducted a bike skills workshop for our students to celebrate World Bicycle Day.

They engaged the students in various activities designed to enhance their cycling abilities and build their confidence on two wheels. The session was both educational and enjoyable, leaving our students eager to practice and improve their newfound skills!

We had such a great response from both students and families and now students have the confidence, we look forward to seeing more students engaging in active travel to school!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Amy. Yay! June 3rd World Bike Day was celebrated at East Butler PS. I am soooo happy! It is one of my favourites!! 🥰🚲 So, Chris and Mel have been waving their magic wands and the kids are off and racing. Wonderful! 25 points have been awarded for this Bike Ed day. 🚲🥳

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